Ombudsman Onboarding Checklist

In this article, we’ll look at the best practices for onboarding your new Ombudsman. We’ll look at the employee onboarding process/steps you can add to your own reusable Ombudsman checklist.

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Ombudsman Onboarding Process

Are you looking for help setting up a staff orientation process so that when your new Ombudsman starts their role, they can learn about their responsibilities and your company as quickly as possible? Whether you’re keen to use buddy onboarding, want to automate your Legal onboarding experience or just need an onboarding checklist for your new Ombudsman, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a sample Ombudsman onboarding checklist below and have created onboarding templates & resources to help.

Ombudsman Onboarding Checklist

1. Introduction to the company: The new Ombudsman should be provided with a comprehensive introduction to the company, including its history, mission, values, and organizational structure. This task is typically performed by the Human Resources department or a designated company representative.

2. Familiarization with the legal framework: As an Ombudsman in the legal industry, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the relevant legal framework. This task involves providing the new Ombudsman with access to legal resources, such as statutes, regulations, and case law, and assigning a senior legal professional or the company’s legal department to guide them through the essential legal aspects.

3. Review of company policies and procedures: The new Ombudsman should be thoroughly familiarized with the company’s policies and procedures, including those related to ethics, conflict resolution, and confidentiality. This task is typically performed by the Human Resources department or the Ombudsman’s supervisor.

4. Introduction to key stakeholders: The Ombudsman plays a critical role in facilitating communication and resolving conflicts between various stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential to introduce the new Ombudsman to key stakeholders within the company, such as executives, department heads, and employee representatives. This task is typically performed by the Ombudsman’s supervisor or a designated representative.

5. Training on conflict resolution and mediation: Conflict resolution and mediation skills are fundamental for an Ombudsman. The new Ombudsman should receive comprehensive training on these techniques, including active listening, effective communication, and negotiation strategies. This task is typically performed by a senior Ombudsman or a professional mediator.

6. Shadowing experienced Ombudsman: To gain practical insights into the role, the new Ombudsman should have the opportunity to shadow an experienced Ombudsman. This task involves pairing the new Ombudsman with a seasoned professional who can provide guidance, share experiences, and demonstrate best practices. The experienced Ombudsman or the Ombudsman’s supervisor typically performs this task.

7. Introduction to the company’s culture and values: Understanding the company’s culture and values is crucial for an Ombudsman to effectively navigate the organization. This task involves providing the new Ombudsman with information about the company’s culture, values, and expectations, and may include attending orientation sessions or workshops. The Human Resources department or a designated representative typically performs this task.

8. Review of previous cases and reports: To familiarize themselves with the company’s history and potential recurring issues, the new Ombudsman should review previous cases and reports handled by the Ombudsman’s office. This task involves providing access to confidential case files and reports, which is typically performed by the Ombudsman’s supervisor or a designated representative.

9. Introduction to relevant departments and resources: The new Ombudsman should be introduced to various departments and resources within the company that may be relevant to their role, such as legal, human resources, compliance, and employee assistance programs. This task involves arranging meetings or informational sessions with representatives from these departments and resources, typically performed by the Ombudsman’s supervisor or a designated representative.

10. Development of an onboarding plan: To ensure a smooth transition and integration into the company, the Ombudsman’s supervisor should develop an onboarding plan tailored to the new Ombudsman’s needs and goals. This plan should outline specific tasks, timelines, and milestones to be achieved during the onboarding process. The Ombudsman’s supervisor typically performs this task

Setting Up Your Employee Onboarding Process

From reading through the items in the example Ombudsman checklist above, you’ll now have an idea of how you can apply best practices to getting your new Ombudsman up to speed and working well in your Legal team. Scroll up to see the link to our onboarding templates & resources or get in touch to discuss getting help setting up your systems and processes in this area.

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