Windshield Installer Onboarding Checklist

In this article, we’ll look at the best practices for onboarding your new Windshield Installer. We’ll look at the employee onboarding process/steps you can add to your own reusable Windshield Installer checklist.

Need help with onboarding new Automotive team members? See the templates and resources we recommend for successful onboarding experiences.

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Windshield Installer Onboarding Process

Are you looking for help setting up a staff orientation process so that when your new Windshield Installer starts their role, they can learn about their responsibilities and your company as quickly as possible? Whether you’re keen to use buddy onboarding, want to automate your Automotive onboarding experience or just need an onboarding checklist for your new Windshield Installer, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a sample Windshield Installer onboarding checklist below and have created onboarding templates & resources to help.

Windshield Installer Onboarding Checklist

1. Safety Training: This task involves providing comprehensive safety training to the new windshield installer. It includes educating them about the potential hazards and risks associated with the job, teaching them proper safety protocols, and ensuring they understand the use of personal protective equipment. This task is typically performed by the company’s safety officer or a designated trainer.

2. Introduction to Company Policies: The new windshield installer should be familiarized with the company’s policies and procedures. This includes understanding the code of conduct, attendance policies, dress code, and any other relevant guidelines. The task of introducing company policies is usually carried out by the human resources department or a designated supervisor.

3. Product Knowledge: It is crucial for the windshield installer to have a comprehensive understanding of the various windshield types, materials, and installation techniques. This task involves providing training on different windshield models, their features, and the appropriate installation methods. The company’s experienced windshield installers or trainers typically perform this task.

4. Equipment Familiarization: The new windshield installer needs to become familiar with the tools and equipment used in the installation process. This task involves providing hands-on training on the proper use, maintenance, and safety precautions associated with the tools, such as glass cutters, suction cups, sealants, and adhesives. The company’s experienced installers or trainers usually perform this task.

5. Shadowing Experienced Installers: To gain practical experience and learn the nuances of the job, the new windshield installer should shadow experienced installers. This task involves pairing the new installer with a seasoned professional who can guide and mentor them through real-life installations. The experienced installers within the company typically perform this task.

6. Customer Service Training: Since windshield installers often interact with customers, it is essential to provide training on effective customer service skills. This task includes teaching the installer how to communicate professionally, handle customer inquiries and complaints, and ensure customer satisfaction. The company’s customer service department or a designated trainer typically performs this task.

7. Quality Control Procedures: The new windshield installer should be trained on the company’s quality control procedures to ensure that all installations meet the required standards. This task involves teaching the installer how to inspect windshields for defects, verify proper installation techniques, and perform necessary adjustments or repairs. The company’s quality control team or a designated supervisor typically performs this task.

8. Time Management and Scheduling: Efficient time management and scheduling are crucial for a windshield installer to meet deadlines and provide timely service. This task involves training the installer on how to prioritize tasks, manage their schedule, and coordinate with customers and other team members. The company’s operations manager or a designated supervisor typically performs this task.

9. Documentation and Reporting: The new windshield installer should be trained on the proper documentation and reporting procedures. This task includes teaching them how to complete work orders, record installation details, and report any issues or incidents. The company’s administrative staff or a designated supervisor typically performs this task.

10. Ongoing Professional Development: To stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques, the new windshield installer should be encouraged to pursue ongoing professional development. This task involves providing information on relevant training programs, certifications, and industry conferences. The company’s human resources department or a designated supervisor typically assists with this task

Setting Up Your Employee Onboarding Process

From reading through the items in the example Windshield Installer checklist above, you’ll now have an idea of how you can apply best practices to getting your new Windshield Installer up to speed and working well in your Automotive team. Scroll up to see the link to our onboarding templates & resources or get in touch to discuss getting help setting up your systems and processes in this area.

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